Unelmatarinoita – Dream Stories

Unelmatarinoita – Dream Stories, an art project about people’s dreams in Europe and West Africa

Dream Stories is ​​an art project by four young artists of different fields. The idea of this project is to document people’s dreams in different countries and to show how people are basically the same all over the world. The project will be carried out in practice by driving from Finland to the Gambia, while interviewing people, shooting videos and documenting their dreams with a camera and recorder.

Before embarking on the trip the project also expanded into development co-operation with the Finnish development cooperation association Apu-Paku, which runs a free school in the  Gambia. With crowd funding a van was bought and it will be driven to the Gambia and donated to the school.

The trip is done in two parts: in June 2017 from Helsinki to Madrid and in September from Madrid to the Gambia. The journey and the project can be followed on Facebook. The Dream Stories concert will take place in the autumn 2018.