Sunuy xale -children’s culture in Wolof

Marjo Smolander ja Karoliina Halsti-Ndiaye are pioneers in children’s culture in Wolof. In 2015 Smolander started a Wolof language play-school for the local Finnish-Senegalese children in Helsinki, Finland. She based on the format of pre-school music education pedagogy which is used in Finland. During the play-school lessons children learn Wolof language and culture. The purpose of the lessons is to keep up Wolof language and the Senegalese home culture of the children living in Finland.

In 2016 Halsti-Ndiaye joined the effort. Halsti-Ndiaye is a sabar dancer and textile designer. At the moment the two women are working on a Wolof language song and story book for children. There will also be a web page and recorded auditory material played by Senegalese musicians. The book were published in the Spring 2019.

If you are interested in the project, the book, music or to buy the book and CD just contact






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