Music news from Senegal and Mali!

Here are my souvenirs from Mali and Senegal:)

I’m already planning next time, would you like to join?

In Senegal I made music video. The song was my own Sama xol. Same xol is Wolof language and it means my dear. Wolof is speaken widely in Senegal.

Thank you Yirime Gueye and Yatma Thiam for arranging. Without them this would’n be done. Thank you all the family who participated music video making. The dancer, the percussionist and the man actor are everybody family members. Thank you Myrma Paye, beautiful singer!


In Mali I was playing with my great musicians friends Hawa Dembele, Ousmane Kouyate and Mamadou Kamissoko. We had pleasure have also kalabas player Molo. We made three concerts in Bamako with a great success!!




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